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Do I need Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy essentially focusses on supporting you with your daily occupations - whether that be work, home occupations or hobbies. There is a lot of cross-over with coaching, in that it is very solution focussed & aims for wellness. However, if we agree you need more Occupational Therapy specific sessions, then they may be more directive than coaching.


When might Occupational Therapy skills be more appropriate than coaching?

I often work with clients who have experienced a period of burnout or teetering on the edge constantly, this is especially relatable for those clients who are neurodivergent and managing life constantly without any accommodations. Whilst coaching can be massively helpful, it does generally revolve around us making personal changes ourselves. Some of this crosses over with occupational therapy, but in my role as an occupational therapist I can also support you in considering environmental adaptations that are perhaps beyond your immediate control. This may include reasonable adjustments in the workplace or in education.

You can find out a bit more about occupational therapy more generally here.

Whilst I do not offer standalone occupational therapy sessions at present, I may draw upon these resources for coaching clients. We will always discuss this as part of the process.

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